The Right Equipment

The company has four tree climbing kits (rope, harness and various climbing aids) which are used by all staff for carrying out tree surgery and dismantling and can be used for aerial rescue - which all staff are trained in.

Two lowering kits (ropes, pulley blocks, friction/lowering devices and various slings and other lowering aids) are used for lowering branches and larger timber while carrying out tree surgery or tree dismantling or possibly aerial rescue. One of these kits utilises small-diameter rope, suitable for most lowering tasks, while the second utilises large diameter rope and larger accessories and is used for lowering very large and heavy pieces of timber.

All climbing and rigging equipment is inspected every week and the findings recorded. Every six months it is further checked by an independent inspector. These inspections comply with LOLER regulations (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998).

The team use chainsaws of all sizes from small top-handled saws for surgery and dismantling smaller trees to larger saws for felling, surgery and dismantling. All saws are well maintained both for safety for the operator and also peak cutting performance.

We also use wood chippers which process the branchwood we generate. These machines reduce the wood to 10% of its original volume, creating a product that can be sold on as garden mulch etc. These machines allow us to work quickly and take everything away in one load on a small vehicle.

We have a small machine for branches up to 12 cm (5 inches in diameter) and a larger tractor-mounted wood chipper which can chip branches up to 22 cm (9 inches in diameter).

We use two stump grinders, a larger one for situations which offer us full access and a smaller one for more restricted locations.