Tree dismantling

Many trees cannot simply be felled because of the lack of safe space where the tree can fall. In this case we dismantle them piece by piece.

During all tree surgery operations, but particularly when dismantling trees, the team need to work closely together to minimize risk to ourselves, our clients or passers-by.

Typically when dismantling a large tree there will be one climber and two or three groundsmen. A pulley block will be installed high in the tree's crown and a lowering rope passed through it.

The climber, working from a rope and harness, will tie the end of the lowering rope to each branch or part branch in turn. He will then cut the branch off with a chainsaw and the ground staff will carefully lower it to the ground and untie the rope before hauling it back up to the climber. This is done repeatedly until only the trunk remains.

The climber will then strap climbing irons to his legs, which have iron spikes on the instep and enable him to gain a foothold anywhere on the tree. The climber also secures himself using a climbing rope and a safety strop fixed to the harness and passed around the trunk. The climber will then slowly climb down the trunk, cutting and then dropping or lowering pieces of timber to the ground until the tree is completely dismantled.