Commercial clients

John Sisk and Son.
We have carried out several large scale tree clearance contracts for John Sisk and Son, often including surgery to important trees which are to be retained. One contract involved several months work felling, dismantling or pruning the trees on the Bath University campus to make way for new sports facilities, car parks and halls of residence.

M J Church
For M J Church, the civil engineers and groundwork contractors, we have carried out tree felling and clearance on the embankment of the M4. This work was needed because the embankment was subsiding and the trees had to be removed to allow the necessary repair work to be carried out.

Ecological Consultatns
We have completed several tree clearance and surgery contracts for ecological consultants on development sites who have asked us to do the tree work in a sensitive manner after they have carried out a full scale ecological survey to assess what impact the tree work and forthcoming development will have on the local wildlife and other flora and fauna on site.